23 11 / 2011

From idea to concept + $25,000 pre-sold to eager clients in 54 hours at Toronto Startup Weekend Competition (runs in 65 cities)

HeroBox, winners of the 2011 Toronto’s Startup Weekend, which also happend to be the largest and most competitive startup event in North America ever, advance to compete at the first Global Startup Battle

With $25 000 in pre-sold committments, we are motivated to promote Canadian entrepreneurship.  We are confident that Toronto is the next technology hub. Innovation isn’t a problem here, its funding ideas and inventions for commercialization. We also want to highlight the workforce talent to encourage employers to hire from our great city.

HeroBox Global Startup Battle Video Submission: bit.ly/herobox

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What is Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend (a video feature) by Eighteen Eighty

Local Website: toronto.startupweekend.org

Official Site: startupweekend.org 

Foundation: http://www.kauffman.org/

What is Global Startup Battle?

Official Site: http://globalstartupbattle.com/

In the past two weeks, Startup Weekend ran in 65 Cities/Countries. Each winner advances to compete in Global Battle by submitting a 90-second pitch. 


Is Ontario the next Silicon Valley? Let’s show the world.

It’s hard to compete for votes when countries like India are highly populated. So we need our great city to rally behind us and create some noise.

What can we talk about?

  • How to take an idea, and not just build it in a weekend, but pre-sell over $25,000 to eager customers.
  • Secret tactics we deployed to win the toughest startup weekend competition in North America
  • Why we’re just as good as Silicon Valley
  • How we got endorsement for our product from an influential 


We are currently competing in Global Startup Battle 2011 with our 90-second video pitch: bit.ly/herobox

Our Contact Information:

David Tran - 1 888 670 1641

Email: hello@goherobox.com

Twitter: @goherobox

VOTE for us: bit.ly/herobox

Follow us on TOPSY: bit.ly/heroboxtopsy

Blog: bit.ly/heroboxblog  

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/goherobox

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